Project Description

Reference Record is an advanced system for managing individuals' documents, aiming to provide a reliable and secure method for verifying official documents such as university certificates, union memberships, training certificates, and more. The system allows users to upload and securely store documents, with the ability to instantly verify their authenticity and share them with relevant parties.

Project Features

- User-friendly platform enabling users to upload their documents quickly and easily.
- Automated verification system ensuring the accuracy of the documents and the data within them.
- Multiple options for sharing authenticated documents with relevant parties.
- Secure and encrypted storage of documents within the system.
- Flexible and customizable user interface.

Project Benefits

- Facilitating document verification processes for universities, educational institutions, and employers.
- Saving time and effort in document verification processes.
- Increasing reliability and transparency in administrative and hiring processes.
- Providing a secure and trusted environment for exchanging official documents online.

Target Audience

- Universities and educational institutions.
- Employers, organizations, and unions.
- Individuals seeking to verify their official documents.

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